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Dear Americans, your guns are scarier than our poverty!

Rabindra Adhikary Tuesday, Jan 03, 2017 2287 reads

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A letter to fellow Americans by a man of Himalayan Republic


Dear Uncle Sam,

You have Guns, and they are scary!


We read stories of your guns, almost daily; the stories about the people killing or being killed. Whatever you say it afterward: racism, police brutality or antipathy against religions, the main culprit in the whole business of killing or hurting is the firearm. Here, we have political imbroglio and poverty, however, the story of your guns seem to be scarier than ours. The guns and poverty: anyway, both ultimately leads to death, the difference only being yours is painless and is a matter of instant and ours is years of inflictions and sufferings.


In 2016 alone, statistics reveals that around 15,000 Americans died because of gun violence. We have no data how much Nepalese died because of poverty or hunger. We can never find out the toll because it’s almost always poverty cannot be diagnosed as the main cause of death in here. It is rather a syndrome—heck lot of causes surmounts before it that eventually lead one to death. Poverty is when you are unable to feed sufficient enough to your body and as per physical demand. You have the desire to eat more but usually, you have to cut short your meal half the stomach—and that’s when a poverty is. Poverty obviously gets you to nutritional deficiency and yes, an emaciated individual cannot perform hundred percent of his ability. Reduced work performance means reduced income and rise of family dissatisfaction. That also hampers the body health and mental well-being of family members, particularly dependents. Unlike bullet of a gun, poverty is a slow socio-economic poison of the community. It is that insidious.  


Generally, American standards of living are believed to be the apotheosis of life-style. So why the United States has been among few career destinations of the third world citizens for decades. But now with relative ease in the ownership of weaponry in the name of personal safety, the life of many of the aspirants who reached their long-coveted country have been put in the razor-blade equilibrium to death. And in addition to hate rhetoric made by the president-elect, the accessibility of handguns to almost everyone may definitely flag the desire of enthusiasts who wish to embark the States as a career plan.


If improving our impoverished life standards means the gradual approach to one like that of United States, we deny improving now. Do away with pauperism or political imbroglio: we are all set to progress. We don’t want guns in our hand, nobody wants. Guns have no conscience, and sometimes the person holding the gun loses mind and that’s exactly when someone gets killed. We as human often keep on making absent-minded decisions in our life—it’s only that we don’t notice them and when it comes to the gun a single of that class of decision renders a calamity and makes you repent a lifetime. Haven’t you slapped your spouse? Haven’t you found out ever that you forgot your wallet home while trying to pay for a coffee in a date? These types of actions are easily corrigible so they don’t matter much in long. And in the state of emotional mayhem, anything could be corrigible until you did something while holding a gun in hand. Years of a friend can be your murderer in a split-second if s/he goes berserk, with a gun in hand. It is that dangerous. If one did not have arms, it did not matter whether s/he was radicalized or not. Isolated radicalization has never been this hazardous, let alone deliberate rumble until there was a gun. Then punching is now lynching, gang fight is now a massacre. Firearm, thus, changed the wording, and the scenario of everything.  


Uncle Sam, it’s like in penury we try to love and with guns you seem to practice hate. Getting a gun, in itself, means you long for a power to kill first and it’s only a popular excuse that it is purchased for personal security. You have very efficient police and security forces in your country to take care of you, unlike us. Even so, why do you crave to hold the gun so much? Muscle of gun makes you boast, not secure yourself. There are thousands other ways to secure your life other than brandishing the gun.             


Remove gun, remove poverty—we both have a role model society.

Your well-wisher Nepali fellow,


The author is a vision specialist at Reiyukai Eye Hospital, Banepa


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