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Parties warn of peaceful crusade for declaration of Nepal as Hindu state

Anna Note Monday, Jan 09, 2017 189 reads

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KATHMANDU - Various political parties have warned of waging a non-violent crusade if the country was not declared as a Vedic Hindu State in the constitution.

The Rastriya Shiva Sena Party, the Nepal Matribhoomi Party, the Nepal Shiva Sena Party, among other like-minded parties, organized a news conference today to make their views and demands public. The leaders of these parties stated that they would initiate a crusade if the religion that has been in practice since the Vedic period was not continued.

President of the Rastriya Shiva Sena Party, Bikram Bahadur Bom said they are preparing for a war against what he called the forced conversions by Christians going on unchecked in the country. He added that they cannot remain mute spectators in the face of the conversions and the cow slaughter.

President of the Hindu Morcha Nepal Bijaya Sharma declared that they were undertaking a peaceful crusade for the protection of the religion, culture, citizens and the country.

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