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Former King asks People to stand firmly under National flag, preserve country

Anna Note Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 7021 reads

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KATHMANDU - Former King Gyanendra Shah has asked all Nepali people to stand firmly under the Nepali national flag to preserve forever the existence of Nepal as a glorious and prosperous country. 


In a statement issued on the eve of the birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah, the architect of United Nepal, Gyanendra Shah said, "as a Nepali and descendant of Prithvi Narayan Shah, I call upon all Nepalese to firmly stand together under the Nepali flag to preserve forever the existence, glory, and self-respect of Nepal, and to promote peace, prosperity and social amity." "At a time when the world community is competing for prosperity, we are headed towards greater adversity. 


At a time the world is going through a nationalist awakening, we are exhibiting conducts detrimental to our nation's existence," he said. 


Expressing grave concern over the prevailing situation, the former King said, "This country is not, and can not be allowed to be used as a playground by any," adding, "we have all through believed that only a cord of amity, patriotism, and mutual good-will and love can strengthen and preserve Nepal's existence and national identity." "Nepalis living anywhere are Nepalis and we all have to set an example about how we unite when the country is in crisis."


Without criticizing or naming any, he said this country was founded by a visionary leadership who led the struggle and exhibited farsightedness and enjoyed the support of the people and the Army. 


"A threat to nationalism, national unity, social amity and integrity should be a matter of grave concern for all Nepalis." Citing Prithvi Narayan Shah's vision of Nepal as a prosperous country of four races, and 36 castes (four varnas 36 castes) he said those posing a threat to unity among people, national sovereignty, weakening state institutions, and attacking geographical and regional integrity, have undoubtedly committed a major crime against Nepal and Nepalis, "no matter whoever they may be."


Asking people to remain ever vigilant, he said. " they are also making every effort to demolish every component of nationalism, like language, dharma, culture and national identity." 


Asserting his role and responsibility, the Shah said," no one should forget that the will of the people has traditionally been the will of the King as well in Nepal.


"When we left the Narayanhiti Royal palace, we did not think even for a moment ever that we have relinquished our responsibility towards the people and the country. But within a span of the decade, we face a situation having to worry about the very existence of the country," he said.

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